Getting ready for Success

This three-step programme is designed for those of your senior executive clients who will benefit from extra expertise to assist them in visualising their future. You may be an Outplacement Consultant or HR Director wishing to move your client into a new role within their company or you may be helping them ‘re-present’ themselves to the market place.

After many years in a role, the prospect of a fresh job search can be disarming. My combined experience of career work and psychodynamic training makes me uniquely placed to identify and resolve issues that are impacting unfavourably on the prospect of job transition.

This proven, practical programme works deeply and effectively to benefit both your individual clients and your business.

De-Brief – This meeting takes the form of a guided conversation. Our relationship to work is many-layered – about social relationships and our sense of identity, just as much as salary. This step ensures that thoughts and feelings can be down-loaded. The consultant will feed back to the client what they have heard giving much-needed clarity, and helping to re-frame experience in a constructive light. Outcome – Clarity of thinking about the client’s relationship to work, about past experience and a re-framed perspective on their future.

Identifying and resolving conflict – In this meeting, the consultant helps the client to look beneath the surface for any patterns of thinking or behaviour that have been impacting unfavourably on their professional life. The client will be helped to understand how and why this has been happening and given the tools to ensure that they are not undermined again in the future. Outcome – Insight into how patterns of thinking or behaviour may have undermined the client in the past and practical tools for ensuring they are not repeated.

Preparing for Success – This step is about looking forwards. The client has ‘emotionallyde-briefed’ and been armed with insight into any undermining behaviours as well as tools for change. They are ready to move on. One of the particular issues about recruitment into a new role is how to present the past – verbally and in written form – in a succinct, positive and authentic way. The process of ‘word-smithing’ brings together clarity of thought about the past, offers an exercise in how to use the new skills they have acquired and forges a highly flexible tool for the future. Outcome – A narrative which builds your client’s confidence and is an indispensable tool for their meetings with yourselves, head-hunters and networking contacts.