Masterclass : ‘Challenging the Inner Judge’

“Suitable for Trainers of Business and Life Coaches”

  • Do you want to improve and grow your coaching business by adopting a tried and tested programme?
  • Are there coaches in your company who would improve their service by gaining a deeper understanding of the causes of, and cure for, low self-esteem?
  • Would you like to raise the profile of your business against your competitors by gaining a reputation for excellence in a new field?

This Masterclass is designed for Trainers of Business and Life Coaches. My 5 step programme ‘Challenging the Inner Judge’ explains the roots of one of the most common obstacles to career progression and shows how to cure it. No matter how lack of self-belief manifests itself, three things are certain: professional growth is blocked, potential is untapped and frustration and resentment increase. This 5-step programme will improve both your business and your coaches’ clients’ businesses.

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